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CONSISTENCY:   Frequency over Volume in the Off-Season (11.29.15)

Much can be said of consistency, in that it allows us to build on previous stepping stones of performance with little risk of set backs.  Consistency is the cornerstone of the training programs that I build.  It all begins with making sure you can realistically handle the demands of your "normal" life while adding structure to your workout schedule.   Most people tend to over-estimate what they can handle in the beginning stages of any fitness program.  Typically, this leads to injury, burnout, or just inconsistencies in training.

The best approach is to begin with the number of times you can realistically add 2-3 training sessions in each sport to your already busy schedule.  For many people, this means finding the only "guaranteed" time you have in your schedule.  For me, this is between 4:30-6:30 a.m. M-F and about 5:30-8:30 a.m. on the weekends.  This isn't to say that I use all of that time every day.  Rather, I just know that it is available if and when I need it.

Once you establish your guaranteed time for training, schedule a minimum distance/time and frequency that you would like to cover for each sport.  Recommended frequency:  2-3 swims, 2-3 rides, 2-3 runs per week. Remember, it is better to get out the door for a 20 minute run than no run at all.  Once you establish the routine and are in the groove for 3-4 weeks, then begin by adding an additional short run (10-15 minutes only) to your schedule.  Begin to build volume into workouts over the next several weeks based on your goals.  Before you know it, staying consistent with your training will seem like part of every day...a non-negotiable that is as normal as drinking coffee.  Good luck!

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